Day 40 ~ Tap Into Your Creativity

What does being creative have to do with being a Human Resources Consultant?

Exercising your creative muscles helps you to step back and look at solutions to your clients problems in different ways.  For example, your client may come to you with a problem they are having with unemployment claims.  Well, if you sit back and look at the problem from a creative standpoint, you may find the problem is not with their unemployment claims specifically.  The problem may be that their supervisors and managers are not hiring and terminating appropriately so they need more training.  Or, the problem could be that there is no employee handbook in place to provide employees with policies and procedures to guide what is expected of them in the workplace.  Further, the problem could be that the progressive discipline policy (or lack thereof) is the issue.

How do you incorporate creativity into this process?  Take a sticky note.  Write the problem on the sticky note and place it on your desk.  Then, take out your adult coloring book, colored pencils, and start coloring.  You would be surprised at the ideas you can generate while actively taking your mind off of the problem at hand.  Glance at the sticky note occasionally as a reminder of the problem you are working on, but focus on your coloring.

I don’t consider myself an artist, but I think I did pretty well with the two paintings I painted.  I also discovered that I like working with acrylic paint and have incorporated that into my “me” time activities.  When working on solving a problem for a client, I tend to stick with the coloring pages.

Get those creative juices flowing and Happy Consulting!

Until Next Time,
Stay Safe, Be Well…

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