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Jacqueline J. Smith is a Human Resources professional, author, coach, and publisher.  She helps small businesses with their human resources programs as well as the administration of their Form I-9 processes.  She also assists aspiring HR Consultants earn additional income and make a difference in the businesses they serve.

Jacqueline holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and has held positions in industries ranging from aerospace to healthcare.  When she is not changing the world, Jacqueline can be found connecting with her Aquarian roots near any body of water.  She also enjoys travel, photography, and watching airplanes defy gravity with her family near Boston, Ma

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Chapter 10 of You Have the Power: Transform Your Knowledge into a Lucrative HR Consulting Practice

The Power of Routines and their importance to Human Resources Professionals juggling a day job while building their consulting practice

Employee Handbooks, Progressive Discipline, & Unemployment

Human Resources Consultants support Employers with Employee Handbooks, Progressive Discipline, and Unemployment. Learn how in this series.

Find your HR Niche

Find a niche from which to build your HR Consulting practice. Being a generalist is a wonderful thing, except when it comes to HR Consulting. Discover the how you can develop the specialty area you will present to your clients.

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