JJ Smith Consulting

The road to success

JJ Smith Consulting

The road to success

Looking to lay a solid foundation for your business?  Every business needs a solid human resources foundation, whether you have 1 employee or 10,000.

In this litigation-loving society, businesses must do everything they can to ensure they don’t step on employees’ toes accidentally.  This can be a challenge for small and midsized companies that don’t have the time, staff, or expertise to deal with all the complex and ever-changing human resources laws, regulations, and issues.

Government entities can also swoop in at any time and wreak havoc with your business operations if you are not adequately prepared.  Documentation and systems are critical in this area.

The average cost of regulatory citations is $30,651.14 according to a 2017 study compiled by the National Small Business Association.

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Services Offered
Virtual Human Resources

From employee handbooks to Form I-9 Administration, to employee information, Jacqueline and her staff provide virtual and hands-on education, resources, support, and strategies for business owners and their staff.

Take the guesswork out of your Human Resources administration.  Partner with a professional who can help you navigate the treacherous waters of Human Resources compliance.  You have enough on your hands with day-to-day operations. Let use ease the HR compliance burden for you.

Done-for-You Solution
Do you need a basic, off-the-shelf solution to get your human resources infrastructure started?  Do you not yet have employees but want to be ready before the need arises. Take advantage of our “Basic HR Toolkit” which will provide you with all of the documents and information you will need to get started.
Not sure where to being?  Not sure what HR services are needed?  Let us help you identify both your short-term and long-term human resources needs.  We will craft a plan specifically tailored to your organization.
Women in Transition
Are you in HR and out of work?  I have been there. RIF’s are real.  Layoffs and down-sizing’s happen. Add to that years of experience not always valued and recognized by hiring organizations and you have a recipe for manifesting the epiphany that your career is not defined by the four walls of a day job, 9-5, 8-4, 7-3.

I am a work in progress which makes me uniquely qualified to help others in their process of growth using some of the tools I have learned in my journey.  God is not done with me yet.


Do you have military experience in HR? Have you been told your experience doesn’t translate your civilian HR? Let me help you leverage that experience to create a career on your own design.


Jacqueline J Smith is very knowledgeable on HR matters. She will help you get your Consulting practice up and running. Elaine

Ms. Jacqueline is a bundle of resources and information when it comes to sponsorship and human resources. It was powerful seeing her educate those around her on the fact that they are worth more than they think. Sponsorship has been a hot topic and Jacqueline breaks it down so that we know every part of it. Her classes and upcoming cruise will definitely put your business or event on the track to moving forward with using O.P.M. Looking forward to working with Jacqueline again in the future. Altovise Pelzer

Jacqueline is simply amazing. Her passion for all things HR is second to none. She is detailed oriented, committed to project completion, and is a great team leader. It is an honor to work with Jacqueline because I know she will keep the project on task and usually has tons of ideas on how to complete the project efficiently. Ramonica Gamble

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